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The Juno Incident was created for the 2013 7DFPS game jam, where the goal is to create a First Person Shooter in one week. It’s a ‘low gravity survival horror’ set on the surface of a small asteroid. As a maintenance officer for the JMC (Juno Mining Corporation), you’re responsible for the upkeep of all operations in quadrant 100.13.40. Touching down on JMC-305011 to fix a busted power exchange coupling, you soon realize something is terribly wrong!


  • Click in the game view and press ENTER to go full screen.
  • Arrow keys or WSAD to move (well, A+D), SPACE to jump.


  • Built in Unity 3d
  • Models created with Blender
  • Leaderboard courtesy of dreamlo
  • Some sounds sourced from (CC0 licensed)
  • Font is Echo by Tracer Tong
  • Explosion effects made with Ben Throop’s awesome Detonator framework.

Play It!

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Zombonauts everywhere!
A lone zombonaut approaches...
Clear your way with grenades (but watch out for splash damage).