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Substruct was created for the MiniLD #44 7DRTS game jam, where the goal is to create a Real-time Strategy game in one week. The idea for Substruct is ‘pluggable structures’. Create your own unit builds by creating a custom production line! My artist friend Jarrad Robertson did an awesome job creating the building and unit models - thanks dude!

The concept behind Substruct's 'pluggable structures'.

Unfortunately I didn’t get as far as I wanted with this idea during the game jam, but it might be cool to revisit some time. Turns out that multiplayer games can be quite tricky to get working correctly! Oh well, lesson learned.


  • WSAD / arrow keys to pan the view.
  • Keys 1-4 select building types to place.
  • Left-click to place buildings (once type is selected)
  • Click a port at base of building to extend/retract it.


  • 3d models by Jarrad Robertson
  • Other stuff by Steve Salmond
  • CC0-licensed sounds sourced from Freesound.


  • Multiplayer-only. Substruct supports 2-8 players (In Theory).
  • If you don’t have a friend handy, you can simulate other players by opening several browser tabs.
  • Units are autonomous (and extremely dumb). I would probably change this to direct control in a future version.

Play It!

Play Substruct!


Multiplayer lobby / title screen.
Connect up structures to customize your units.
Your armed units will autonomously attack the enemy.