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Game developer, professional coder, amateur artist

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SmallWorlds is a sprawling online virtual world that has been live since 2008, and has attracted more than 10 million registered players. It has a very strong social emphasis, as well as sophisticated support for user-generated content. Players are able to purchase and customize their own spaces, buy, sell and trade items, paint pictures, create 3d sculptures, play games, chat and socialize, play through various ‘missions’ (which can be created by other players), and so on.

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I worked in many different capacities during my time on the SmallWorlds project. My main focus was on the client-side interface, but I also worked on a variety of other systems:

  • Software 3d renderer
  • Avatar customization system
  • Content management tools for the art/content team.
  • Resource management system that allows new items to be published to the live system at any time.
  • Scripted client/server action framework that allows players to use items in-world.
  • Realtime multiplayer framework for creating minigames within the world.
  • In-game ‘widgets’, such as a collaborative painting tool.
  • AI framework with integrated chatbot.