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Steve Salmond

Game developer, professional coder, amateur artist

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Steve Salmond - Software Engineer

Steve Salmond
Auckland, New Zealand
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Software engineer with over 15 years of programming experience in various languages and environments. I have particular expertise in realtime 3D, UI/UX, scalable web and mobile application development, and a strong grasp of the fundamentals of good software design. I love nothing better than to work with a talented team on an exciting technical and creative challenge.

Core Competencies

  • Realtime 3D graphics
  • Usability / UX / UI
  • Game design and development
  • Game Engines (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine)
  • Tooling and content workflows
  • Networking and security
  • Scalable systems


  • C++ (5+ years)
  • C# (5+ years)
  • Java (5+ years)
  • JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript
  • ActionScript
  • Lua, Python, Haskell

Feel free to contact me at - always interested to chat and connect.

Professional experience

Ninja Thumbs Ltd., 2016 - present
Auckland, New Zealand
Working as an independent game developer on Grabity, a networked physics-based robot brawler. Grabity won the 2016 Kiwi Game Starter competition and is currently in active development.
Manu One Ltd., 2016
Motion Graphics Programmer
Auckland, New Zealand
Helped implement a realtime interactive networked simulation for on-set use in an upcoming major motion picture. The project is still under NDA, so I’m unfortunately unable to go into specifics about this role at present. This was a 5 month contract - I joined during late pre-production and wrapped when principal shooting was essentially complete in Auckland.
Outsmart Games, 2007 - 2016
Senior Game Developer
Auckland, New Zealand
Senior software engineer for SmallWorlds, an online virtual community with over 10 million registered users. We developed a rich graphical client that runs in the browser, and a highly scalable backend. We have also created several small mobile games, and have recently released a title on Steam early access - Blood Gate, an action-puzzler RPG title.
Virtual Spectator, 2003 - 2007
Software Developer
Auckland, New Zealand
Created realtime 3D viewing applications and TV graphics for sporting events such as the America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and World Rally Championship. Spectators were able to tune into live virtual coverage thanks to GPS data streams from custom onboard units.
Devious Creations, 2002
Game Developer
Auckland, New Zealand
Our team of six created a 3D game engine prototype featuring realistic outdoor environments, sophisticated character animation and physically simulated special effects.
Liquid Edge, 2000 - 2001
Game Developer
Auckland, New Zealand
Liquid Edge developed an innovative sandbox game, RoboForge, featuring gigantic user-created robots battling for supremacy in online tournaments. My responsibilities included UI design/coding, AI, realtime 3D graphics and networking. RoboForge was released in May 2001 to excellent international reviews.


Masters in Human-Computer Interaction, 1998 - 1999
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, USA
Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, Computer Science, 1994 - 1997
Auckland University
Auckland, New Zealand
Certificate in Computer Graphic Design, 1998
Auckland Institute of Technology
Auckland, New Zealand

Honours and Awards

  • First Class Honours in Computer Science (1997)
  • Annual Prize for best work in Computer Science (1997)
  • 1st place team in New Zealand Programming Competition (1996)
  • Senior Prize in Computer Science (1996)
  • Certificates of Distinction in Physics, Statistics, Calculus (1994 - 1996)
  • ASB Bank Top Scholar Award (1994)


C++ (5+ years)
We used C++ to develop our own in-house engine at Virtual Spectator, as well as maintaining some existing tools and systems. The engine was used to convert GPS data streams into both realtime and editorial TV coverage for various sporting events. I also have recent C++ experience from working on an upcoming Unreal Engine 4 title (Goblins of Elderstone).
C# (5+ years)
Our team released several mobile titles to both iOS and Android using C# and the Unity 3D engine: Gopher Launch and Roost Riders. More recently, we released an action/puzzler RPG title, Blood Gate, to Steam (currently in Early Access).
Java (5+ years)
I’ve used Java on and off throughout my career. RoboForge was developed entirely in Java, and we use Java extensively for our backend work at Outsmart Games. I have also designed and implemented a number of highly scalable server-side systems, particularly during my time on the SmallWorlds project.
I’ve worked with JavaScript and related web languages extensively at Outsmart, and have also created a number of websites for various personal projects. I’m extremely interested in further developing my knowledge of web technologies, and would love to become a fully-fledged expert in this field.
ActionScript (5+ years)
We used Flash to create the client for SmallWorlds. The Flash engine runs ActionScript 3, which is similar in many ways to C# or perhaps TypeScript. I implemented an efficient software 3d rendering engine for Flash and built out a very extensive UI for the SmallWorlds client using Adobe’s Flex RIA architecture.
We used Lua as the scripting language for our Virtual Spectator 3d engine. An extremely interesting and flexible language with excellent performance as an embedded scripting engine.
I have worked in a number of other languages for various side projects - Coffeescript, Groovy, Haskell, Lisp, Pascal, Python, Perl, and probably one or two others.



Darren Green
Co-founder and CEO of Outsmart Games
Nathan Smith
Solutions Architect at EROAD
Jim Williams
Senior Software Engineer at Kinetic Engineering Design Ltd.