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Game developer, professional coder, amateur artist

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A fast-paced, physics based arena brawler.

Sketchbook (Feb 2017)

Pages from my sketchbook


Sketchbook (May 2016)

Pages from my sketchbook

Blood Gate

An action/puzzler RPG game for Steam

Altered Bunny!

My entry for the Ludum Dare #35 72-hr game jam.

Carried Away

Puzzle Platformer in the sky (One Game a Month - Feb 2016)

The Boundless Forest

Run around in an infinite procedural forest (One Game a Month - Jan 2016)


Kereru - Wood Pigeon

A gift for my parents

Growth Industries, Inc.

Grow clones in this dead-end desk job. (Ludum Dare #34)

Sketches (October 2015)

Daily sketches produced during October 2015

Vac 'n Smash Post Mortem

A rundown of my Ludum Dare #32 experience

Undead Warrior

Sculpture of a skinny skeleton dude.

Vac 'n Smash

Smash pesky robots and vacuum up their parts! (Ludum Dare #32)

Sculpt - Human Bust

My first attempt at sculpting a human face

Lizard Man

Lizard man sculpture

Bug Hunt Devlog 01 - Destructible Walls

Tasty, tasty destruction!

Bug Hunt

Fight off the encroaching alien swarm! (Global Game Jam 2015)


Swordy PAX 2014 Banners

Some banner images I made for the Swordy guys

Undead Warrior

A maquette I'm working on (WIP).

Ludum Dare 30 Post Mortem

Stuff happened, made a game with beanstalks in it

Ludum Dare 30 Theme Music

Some music I made for Ludum Dare (a 48hr game jam).

John and the Arbitrary Gem Hunt

Climb magical giant beanstalks to travel between planets! (Ludum Dare #30)

Berserker coverage

Video reviews and mentions for Berserker

Melancholy Robot

A Daily Jam tune.

Combat Loop

A Daily Jam tune.

Daily Jam 05

A Daily Jam tune.

Daily Jam 04

A Daily Jam tune.

Jolly Panda

A happy little Daily Jam tune.


You're a mighty barbarian suffering from anger managment issues. (Ludum Dare #29)


Sketches (Archives)

Old sketches

Badger Bolt

Badger Bolt is a short game where you play a racing badger! (Ludum Dare #27)

The Juno Incident

A low-gravity survival horror game created in one week for 7DFPS.

Emily's Forest

Guide your lost and hungry pooch down a mysterious forest path.

Gopher Launch!

A mobile game for Android/iOS


A real-time multiplayer strategy game with 'pluggable structures'.


An online social virtual world



Tower defence meets real-time strategy on a 3d planet.


Virtual Spectator

Realtime graphics for sporting events



Build gigantic robotic gladiators, fight in online tournaments!