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Vac ‘n Smash is a game I made for Ludum Dare #32 last weekend. Junk robots have infested Ralph’s scrapyard. It’s time to call in the Hoover Man, a crack commando equipped with his trusty Vacuum Blaster. Smash those pesky robots and recycle their parts!

Play It!

Play Vac ‘n Smash!


  • Be sure to RECYCLE robot parts for the win! Look for the conveniently placed green bins.. :)


  • WASD to move, Space to jump
  • Mouse to aim
  • Right mouse button sucks in junk
  • Left mouse button fires junk back out


  • Unity for the game engine, coding in C#.
  • Photoshop for 2d graphics/textures.
  • Audacity for sound effects.
  • GarageBand for music