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Berserker is my entry for the Ludum Dare #29 48-hour game jam. The theme for this month’s jam was ‘Beneath the Surface’. In Berserker you’re a mighty barbarian suffering from anger management issues. Your inner rage boils away just beneath the surface, and can be unleashed at any moment!

The game could perhaps be described as a ‘Physics-based slasher with limb loss’. I guess you’ll have to play it to decide exactly what it is! I had a lot of fun this time around, once the initial panic about coming up with an idea had passed. As per the jam rules, all the source for Berserker is available on my GitHub page.

Some sample gameplay from Berserker!

Play It!

Play Berserker!


Title screen (and tutorial).
Drink a potion to go berserk!
Enter the pit of rage and do battle with its foul denizens.
Things can get a little.. bloody.


The Button Masher Bros did a quick review of Berserker as part of their aweseom Dare to Believe series:

Ludum Dare to Believe, Episode 12

The Indie Game Promoter included Berserker in his Ludum Dare #29 compilation:

Indie Game Promoter Ludum Dare compilation