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Badger Bolt is my entry for the Ludum Dare #27 48-hour game jam. The theme for this month’s jam was ‘10 seconds’. Badger Bolt is a short game where you play a racing badger! Unfortunately, those pesky rabbits have seen fit to give you a 10 second handicap..

Play It!

Play Badger Bolt!

  • Click in the game view and press ENTER to go full screen.
  • Arrow keys or WSAD to move (well, A+D), SPACE to jump.


  • Made in Unity 3d
  • Art, code, sfx by Steve Salmond
  • Music generated with the excellent Otomata


Badger Bolt screenshot
Night and day rush by as you race around the planet.
Watch out for falling meteors!
You'll have to beat the other animals to win!