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Bug Hunt is a game I put together during the Global Game Jam last weekend.

Play It!

Play Bug Hunt!


  • Use the mouse to drag your troops around.
  • Left mouse button attracts troops, right button repels them.
  • Scroll wheel increases/decreases control radius.
  • WSAD or arrow keys to pan view, Shift + LMB to zoom in/out.


  • Unity for the game engine, coding in C#.
  • Photoshop for 2d graphics/textures.
  • Audacity for sound effects.
  • GarageBand for music


Wasn’t able to attend the game jam in person, so this is isn’t an official entry - it’s just for fun! I wanted to make a bunch more gameplay (purchase and place sentry guns, recruit reinforcements, explore the surroundings for loot drops, etc.) but ran out of time, as always..


  • The gunfire and explosion sounds were sourced from (CC0 samples only).