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I’ve decided to keep working on Bug Hunt and turn it into a proper game. Exciting! Here’s some quick progress update video footage:

Some destructible wall footage


My main goal during the jam was to try out a control mechanic based on flocking. With a few simple rules you can create some very interesting behaviors. The rules I have in place so far are as follows:


  • Attracted to other nearby bugs, but repelled if too close.
  • Strongly attracted to the player’s soldiers.
  • Repelled by obstacles (walls, rocks etc.) This helps the bugs flow around obstructions.
  • Attracted to the world origin (so bugs always converge on the player)
  • When not attacking, affected by a small, randomly varying ‘brownian motion’ force.


  • Attracted to other nearby soldiers, but repelled if too close.
  • Strongly attracted to the player’s control cursor (if Left Mouse Button is pressed).
  • Strongly repelled from the player’s control cursor (if Right Mouse Button is pressed).
  • Repelled by obstacles (walls, rocks etc.)

Appetite for Destruction

One thing I noticed while playtesting was that bugs tended to get stuck outside the walls of the base, making them look pretty stupid. To remedy this I’ve made the walls destructible. Bugs can now slowly chew their way through to get to the juicy center. I think this could make for some interesting base defence gameplay.