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Blood Gate is an interesting crossover between a match-3 style puzzle game and an RPG. Players match runes of the same ‘element’ (colour) to attack enemies and power up their spells. The screen is split into two halves - the puzzle board and a 3D combat view. Combat plays out in realtime, so players must create matches under time pressure. This creates a very interesting dynamic, demanding a high level of concentration and multitasking ability from players. The metagame brings in a bunch of RPG elements - players travel the world, collecting and upgrading or salvaging loot, customizing their heroes and developing their own unique playstyle.

Blood Gate actually started life as a mobile title published by DeNA, and has since been reworked into a fully-featured Steam game (no in-game payments!). Blood Gate is currently in Early Access and has been very positively received by the community.

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I worked primarily as the UI programmer on this project, but also contributed subsystems such as avatar customization, dungeon generation, resource management, and did a small amount of backend work (mostly troubleshooting existing service calls).